Our dream

The village at Glengarry, is an enchanting quaint village, nestled in the woodlands of the Scottish Highlands, overlooking Loch Garry.

The village comprises of 100 luxury lodges scattered around the mountainside, which are available for sale or long lease rental. There are three categories of hotels, a 5 Star Grand Hotel, a 4 Star Guest House and Bed & Breakfast Log Cabins, all surrounded by 180 degrees of serene natural beauty, and spectacular landscapes. A stroll through the market town is a must, a street reminiscent of an era where time was marked by the turning of seasons. Browse through charming artisan stores located on cobblestone lanes, or enjoy tea and cake in the bakery shop by the town square. The Glengarry village is a unique vision, and one that will keep bringing you back, to the Scottish Highlands time and again..